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Part 1: Log in to the "New" website/Register for the May 2023 Spring Banquet - 1st time user

04/11/2023 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Log in/Register for May 2023 Spring Banquet

(First time user - “New’ Website)

Your membership information has been uploaded into the new website. WELCOME!!!!

The next version of our website will be interactive - it will allow you to sign-up and pay for your yearly membership - and allow you to decide how much of your personal information you'd like to share with other RSC members. 

You'll also be able to register and pay online for all of our social events like the Spring Banquet, Summer Picnic, Pig Roast, etc. 

The current plan is to use the website to register and pay for Ski Trips; more information on this during the summer months.

Eventually, the new website will have all of the information that can be found currently - including Newsletters, Photos and some of the Photo Albums, Officers, Board Members, Committee Members, By Laws, History, the Dr. Roland Steven's Award recipients, and much more.

We look forward to sharing the new website and encourage you to explore. We welcome feedback as well. ENJOY!

First Time User:
(please follow these instructions to log in and set your password).

You received the event announcement via the new website. It has 2 buttons – a “Not Attending” and “Register” button. If you are NOT planning on attending, select the “Not Attending” button. You will not be bothered again by emails begging you to register for this event.

If you ARE planning on attending and use the new website (yes, please do!), use these instructions.

Select “Register” button in email announcement.

pop-up will appear.  (Your email is already in our database. You can log in to auto fill your contact information - and enable any member-only ticket types - or proceed with the registration without logging in).

Select “Login” button.

Your email address will appear in the “email” field. Since you do not have a password yet - you need to select “forgot password” (to create a password. I know this doesn’t sound right, but trust me – this IS the process). This will bring up the “reset password” page. Enter your email address, select “I’m not a robot”, select “Submit”. You will receive an email with a link to “choose a new password”. (You only have to do this ONCE, really!)

You will receive 2 separate emails – the first one will be “Membership activated at Rochester Ski Club”. In this email, you will see your email address, membership status, and membership level. It will allow you to log in with your email address, but you do not have a password yet. Look for the 2nd email titled “Choose a new password” to set your password.

When you receive the “Choose a new password” email, select the link. This will take you to the page to “reset your password”. (The message will tell you that your password has expired – you will be assigning a new password here). Enter your new password twice (yes, it must be at last 12 characters long, and follow the rules stated – upper AND lower case letters, number, special character). When you have fulfilled the password criteria, you will see 4 green checkmarks. Then select “set new password” box. (This IS the only time you will have to do this, unless you truly do forget your password!).

Password must have:
12 characters or more
Upper and lower case letters
At least one number
At least one special character #?!@$%^&*

Select “blue person” icon at top left corner of the page (If you are on a cell phone, this icon will be an arrow inside of a box until you log in, then it will be the “blue person” icon). Enter your email and your new password, Select “login”. (You will be taken to a page that requires you to “I agree to the terms of use for Wild Apricot website, mobile app, and services). You must check this box to continue. After clicking “I agree”, then click the “continue” box. You will be taken to the HOME page.

Scroll down the page to the "Events" section. Choose the link for the 2023 Spring Banquet (Event) from home page. Select “Register”. Your email address will auto populate the email field. Select “next”. (If you are registering a “non-member”, you will need to be logged out to complete the registration – you will only see the “non-member selections/prices when doing so).

Select your meal choice making sure to select the “Member price”, (not the Non-member selection). Select “Next”. Your member information will auto populate the information required for the event. If any of the information is NOT correct, please correct it here. Select “Next”.

Now you can “Review & Confirm”. Verify your meal choice and price. If incorrect, select “back” to go back and change/fix errors. If correct, Select “Invoice Me” to pay by check or “Pay Online” using a credit/debit card.

If paying by check, you may view/print your invoice to include with your check (in the USPS mail). You will receive an email with your invoice which you may now print and write the check and send to Anita Suski.

If you are paying online, select “Pay Online”. This will bring up the credit/debit card payment page.

Please pay by credit/debit card. Follow the instructions on the page. (Your credit/debit card information WILL NOT be saved on this website **)

**There is an option to save YOUR credit/debit card information to YOUR wallet for faster check out later. We suggest that you DO NOT check this option, even though Wild Apricot follows credit/debit card privacy by being PCI compliant and encrypted.

Click on the box that says “Pay $$”. You will now receive a confirmation email showing the event details and your selections. Thank you for using the website to register for the Spring Banquet – it will be a great night!

This process is only for FIRST TIME LOGGING IN – it will be much easier after this. The initial logging in is painful because you have to set a password, but after this you will only need to enter your email/password and you will be able to register for events very easily.

Please report any problems/issues to Annie Bacon (

Please also feel free to call Annie if you need help with the new site:
Phone: (585) 733-4240

Rochester Ski Club, Rochester, New York

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