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"New" website for RSC

04/12/2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Back in 2004 a very important man asked if I would like to create a website for the club. By October of that year, I launched the RSC website. Nineteen years later, I am still using the same software. It's no longer supported yet has gotten the job done. I've made thousands of changes over the years—adding hundreds of trip and event flyers, forms, newsletters— mostly written by others, thousands of photographs, kept Upcoming Events pretty up to date along with oodles of other information in which the club might be interested. Anyway, for many years the club's "eggs" when it comes to updating the website have been in one basket - mine. It is time (some would say, finally!) that we develop a new website. Annie Bacon has taken on this challenge using a software package called Wild Apricot. It's a big job and she's been working diligently. Currently we are in the testing phase.

I'm not exactly sure what all of my responsibilities will be with the new website, and all of the board members (e.g., treasurer, membership, event & trip coordinators, newsletter, etc.) will also be doing their jobs a little differently interfacing with Wild Apricot. The really good thing is that not all of the club's "eggs" when it comes to website updates will be in one basket! Stay tuned for more communications -- including the rollout of the new website and what you, our club members will need/want to do to use it.

Exciting stuff!!

Yours truly,
Bev McElheny

P.S. That very important man is our good friend, Jim Peters

Rochester Ski Club, Rochester, New York

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